Summer Pole Fitness Challenge

Nutrition Workshop

Do you have fitness goals that you hope to achieve this summer? Polemic Dance & Fitness Studio is launching an 8-week Summer Pole Fitness Challenge that will run from June 23 - August 24 with a final event and winner announcement on Friday, August 25th. Anyone can enter the challenge and judging will be based on your own progress and objectives rather than weight change measured by a scale. The challenge is free to enter and all participants will be able to take unlimited classes at a reduced price ($100/month for Beginner level students and $120/month for Intermediate and Advanced students, must pay at the studio) while the challenge is running, and we will award both the challenge winner and the "Most Motivated" student a month of FREE unlimited classes. We are constantly adding new fun classes to the schedule, be sure to check out the new Booty & Twerk class on Monday evenings and Exotic style dance on Friday mornings!

We will kick off the challenge with a free Nutrition Workshop, 5-6pm on Friday, June 23, instructed by Haley Marsteiner (NASM Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritional Therapist).


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