Things to Expect

Pole dancing is a sexy, artistic, and acrobatic form of exercise. It will help tone your muscles, increase your flexibility and build self-confidence. And, it’s a lot of fun! However, all this doesn’t come without a few drawbacks. Holding on to the pole by the friction of your skin can, and probably will, leave bruises. Eventually your skin will get used to it and the bruising will stop, but until then you should expect it. Also, many tricks take a certain amount of flexibility and strength. It may take months of training before you can achieve the ability to do some of the more advanced movements.


What to Wear

The more skin showing the better you’ll be able to grip the pole, but always dress at your comfort level. Tank tops (especially racerback) and athletic shorts are good for beginner classes, while sports bras and pole shorts will allow you to do more advanced moves. Please keep in mind that undergarments (in addition to preferred workout attire) must still be worn for hygienic safety. Shoes are allowed in the studio, however, we will always learn and polish new skills barefoot.



It’s a good idea to have well-moisturized, supple skin; dry skin will not stick to the pole as well. However, lotions and oils should always be applied at least 12 hours before class, so that it is completely absorbed by the skin. Any excess will make the poles slippery and dangerous.



We have six 11-foot tall poles in 1½” diameter with a translucent powder-coat finish. It is critical to make sure the poles are absolutely clean every time you use it. Towels and isopropyl alcohol are provided to help with this. Occasional hand-washing will also keep your hands free of oils and sweat.



Payment can be made by card, check, money order or cash on the day of your first class, or you can pre-pay online through PayPal (be sure to include your name and class time/day in the message).


Missed Classes and Drop-ins

If you have to miss a class you can schedule a make-up session, but please give 24 hours notice so that your regular spot is available for drop-ins. Drop-ins are welcome. Contact your instructor prior to class to make sure that space is available.