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As the owner of Polemic Dance & Fitness Studio, I am passionate about practicing and performing pole in my own life and hope to share that passion with others. I began learning pole in 1998 and am completely self-taught. My extensive background in gymnastics (11+ years) and fitness training (over 20 years) has helped me understand the mechanics and anatomical stresses involved in the various pole skills. I started teaching pole to others in 2006 when I opened Brassy Butterfly, LLC. in Portland, OR. As an instructor, I believe strongly in building up underlying strength and flexibility to avoid injury when learning new pole moves. I have years of experience in spotting all levels, from Beginner to Advanced.




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I am a chemist by trade, but my passion is dance. I’ve been dancing for nearly as long as I can remember! I competed in many group dance competitions as a teen and performed in many different venues, including the Hult Center, Disneyland, and Lane Community College, throughout my life.

I discovered pole about 2 years ago and was captivated by the combination of dance and gymnastic athleticism it offered. It has built me up in both physical and emotional ways, helping my self-image and confidence. What really keeps me coming back to pole is how the movements and music can come together in synchrony, and whatever emotion I am feeling I can express it all with my movements while flying in the air.

I am a huge fan of free-styling and my hope is to help students learn to connect with their bodies and feel the flow of pole.




I have been with Polemic Dance & Fitness Studio since my pole journey began in 2012. As a stay-at-home mother with a toddler and a preschooler, I needed to carve some time and space into my life just for me. After hearing about the pole fitness adventures of some out-of-town friends, I was intrigued. I Googled pole fitness in Eugene, found this studio, and the rest is history.
I have been taking Advanced pole fitness classes for over 4 years and I am always searching for ways to improve and for new tricks to learn. Oona Splits. Dragon Tail. Marion Amber. Spatchcock. I have brought them all to the Polemic classroom with my desire to accomplish them. Once I learn a new skill I love to help others succeed as well, sharing any tips and tricks that helped me master the skill. I also love choreographing pole routines and I have participated in every studio recital with 10 performances in all, including a trio and a doubles routine. I have also performed non-choreographed freestyle pole routines in several of the studio’s public exhibition performances.
My extensive pole and dance backgrounds, love of fitness, and sports medicine graduate and undergraduate degrees made Fit & Flirty the perfect class for me to create and instruct. I take great care in creating pole routines that are not only a fun way to exercise and perform, but are also biomechanically safe for all levels of polerinas. My musicality, spunky spirit, and attention to detail will help make you a better pole performer, too!