Polemic Dance & Fitness Studio offers a variety of classes to meet all your exercise, training, and dance needs. See our Gallery for a preview of just some of the pole skills you can learn here.  Visit our Registration page when you are ready to sign up or contact us for more information! Not sure what to expect? Check out recommended attire and other etiquette on our policies page.

Beginner I (Register now)

60 minutes, instructed by Áine and Kat

This class is for newcomers of all shapes and sizes looking to get their feet wet in this fun art and exercise form. Beginner I focuses on building flexibility, strength, and pain tolerance for tricks (yes, learning pole hurts!). The focus will be on footwork, floorwork, basic spins, climbs, and holds. Some short mini-routines will also be taught in this class. New polers should NOT wear lotion. Shorts and tanktop/t-shirt are ideal attire, but leggings are acceptable also. Bring a water bottle! 🙂


Beginner II (Register now)

60 minutes, instructed by Áine and Kat

This class is open to all levels, but is more challenging than Beginner I. Beginner II focuses on foundational inverts (Inside and Outside Leg Hang, Front Invert, Layback Invert) and climbs, while also including some spins and floorwork. Much of the class will be devoted toward building and developing short combinations. 

Intermediate Pole (Register now)

90 minutes, instructed by Áine

For students with a strong strength base and comfortable with inverts, this class explores more advanced holds (e.g., Cupid, Butterfly, Twisted Ballerina, Allegra) and introduces new skin tolerance and strength building skills. We will also begin working on aerial combos and transitions. Intermediate Pole requires strength, flexibility and previous experience. Instructor approval required.

Advanced Pole (Register now)

90 minutes, instructed by Áine

The advanced level pole class is for those who want to push the limits. We will work on combinations, tumbles, drops, deadlifts and more! Instructor approval required.

Choreography (Register now)

60 minutes, instructed by Kat

For anyone who wants to work on dance and flow. Each week students will learn a 1-2 minute routine. The choreography is appropriate for all levels, with a focus on low flow and floorwork. It is a great way to turn your poling into dancing! The class is fast paced and will often be hard on the knees, therefore knee pads are recommended for those who are new to floorwork. 

Exotic (Register now)

60 minutes, instructed by Kat

Embrace your sensuality! This class is for all levels and focuses on heel flair, slides, drops, and sexy floorwork. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. Heels and knee pads required. 18+ only! 
Twerk (Register now)

60 minutes, instructed by Christina

Twerking can be traced back to centuries-old dances of West Africa; the booty movements were celebratory, admired at religious ceremonies and cultural festivals. In this class, we'll be focusing on modern variations of twerking. We will practice isolating the booty, moving it side-to-side, up-and-down, and in circles. Each class will provide a detailed breakdown of 3-4 moves, followed by practice drills to music. Drills can be modified for any skill level; beginners can stick to the basics, while more advanced students can increase speed, change posture, and play with more complex rhythms. All genders welcome!
Vertical Barre (Register now)

60 minutes, instructed by Nicci

Vertical Barre is a class that focuses on strength and flexibility through ballet barre basics, pole basics, yoga and pilates. This full body workout will help prepare students to better access pole grip strength, active flexibility, and balanced strength. Adaptations are provides for all levels, beginner through advanced.
Group Lessons & Parties

We are happy to host bachelorette parties, birthdays, or other events! Please call, text, or email to inquire about pricing and availability.