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Learning Gemini (also less confusingly referred to as Inside Leg Hang) is like learning how to read as a child. Gemini is an essential foundational skill that opens the door to a great variety of other moves. We teach this skill as one of our first major pole skills and will begin working on the specific strength and pain tolerance areas right from the first class. In particular, we do not allow “kicking up,” so students must build up enough arm and core strength to do a controlled lift. Just a few of the many moves that we can link with Gemini are Jade, Allegra, Butterfly, and Windshield Wipers.

Stacked Gemini


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The tight version of Butterfly is one of the first inverted moves we will learn where your body weight is almost entirely supported with your arms. This skill is a precursor to Ayesha and a good way to dismount through Iron X. During class we will generally enter from Cradle or Gemini. Multiple grips are possible, including Twisted Grip, Baseball, Downward Cup, and Elbow.

Tight Butterfly (Elbow-Grip)

Layback Invert

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crossankleinvert2 crosskneeinvert

A simple and beautiful move, but deceptively dangerous. This is one of the least awesome positions to fall in. Please make sure you have a spotter and safety mat until you feel fully confident. We prefer the cross-ankle version over cross-knee (although different body types may find cross-knee to be more secure), and encourage students to keep feet firmly locked together for safety rather than the more stylish both toes pointed.

We often enter the Layback from the Pole Sit -> Plank -> Straddle Back -> V-Sit combo, and we might follow it with Crescent or Iguana.

Double Elbow Hold

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I’m not gonna lie, elbow holds are excruciating. However, if you can pull them off and still keep your “sexy face” THAT is impressive! The double elbow hold is simple in concept – just wrap both elbows around the pole and spin.



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Another of our super-useful basic skills, Scorpio is our outside-leg hang. We emphasize keeping the torso and off-leg fully controlled, while getting a very deep and secure knee hook. We typically enter this move from a Chopper side mount.

A few of the elements we might include in a Scorpio combination are:

  • Scorpio -> Gemini (and back)
  • Scorpio -> Superman (and back)
  • Cocoon
  • Jade
  • Hollywood
  • Shooting Star

Dead Spider

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I doubt that any other studios have a move by this name. The intention of learning this side mount is to build your arm and core strength and learn to pivot on your side skin. From here we can easily hook either knee to get into Gemini or Scorpio, and of course doing it straight-legged would make it the more aesthetically pleasing Chopper.


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Think straight knees, pointed toes, straight knees, pointed toes, straight knees, pointed toes . . .

Other than that it’s just the basic Dead Spider that we learn in Beginner Pole. But let’s make sure we can do it perfectly 10 times in a row, aerially!